NHS Fundraising Nail Glitters

Everything starts with an idea, and this idea was suggested by our Brand Ambassador Tammy from Serenity Beauty and Co in Bolsover, Chesterfield.  Tammy wondered if we could release a few glitters to raise money for the NHS. We all thought this was a lovely idea and started to brainstorm ideas of names and colours.
We came up with two limited edition nail glitters called 'NHS Superstars' and 'Over the Rainbow'.

'NHS Superstars' is a blue mix with holographic silver stars.

NHS Superstars Nail Glitter

'Over the Rainbow' is a chunky multi-coloured glitter which symbolises hope for the future.

Over the rainbow nail glitter

These limited edition glitters went on sale on the 25th April 2020 for a total of four weeks.  Our lovely Brand Ambassadors and other nail technicians started sharing the good cause and soon the funds started to come in.  


Serenity Beauty and Co NHS nail glitter

Image courtesy of @serenitybeautyandco


evenailsandlashes nhs nail glitter

Image courtesy of @evenailsandlashes


 lavishnailsss nhs nail glitter

Image courtesy of @lavishnailsss 


bella_beautygarage over the rainbow nail glitter

Image courtesy of @bella_beautygarage


During that time we contacted a few NHS staff members to get ideas of what to buy with the money raised.  We decided that hand cream is what they needed most.  Having had personal recommendations of O'Keeffes hand cream we decided to go with their hand creams.

100% of the proceeds went to buy the NHS goods and we raised a total of £230.50. 

We added a few extra pounds and rounded the number of hand creams up to 40, and also added some miniature Green and Blacks chocolate bars too.

Okeeffes hand creams nhs donations

I'd like to personally thank each and every single one of you that purchased these nail glitters. It's amazing how we can all pull together to create positive outcomes in times like this.

A massive thank you goes out to our NHS and key workers around the world.

Love from everyone at The Unicorn's Den

(Staff and Brand Ambassadors).


Cover image courtesy of @oohlalashrewsbury

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