Chrome Nail Powder and Chrome Flakes

These chrome powders and chrome flakes give a range of effects to nails. Try over different bases for different effects.

How To Use Chrome Nail Powder

  1. Apply a base colour - experiment with this as the base colour changes the chrome finish quite dramatically.
  2. Apply a no wipe top coat and cure
  3. Using a sponge eye shadow applicator, pick up a tiny amount of chrome powder and rub onto the nails
  4. Ensure all loose chrome nail powder is removed before the next step by gently using a dry nail wipe or rubbing with a silcone rubber ended nail tool.
  5. Seal with 2 coats of top coat to prevent chipping.

How To Use Chrome Flakes

Chrome flakes can be used in the same way chrome nail powders can be used. You can apply chrome flakes on top of a no wipe top coat with an eye shadow applicator, you can apply individual chrome flakes on top of cured gel (the sticky inhibition layer) and arrange them in a pattern or simply mix into clear gel for a 3D effect.

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