Nail Crystals

Nail Crystals

All of our nail crystals are of high quality and are made from glass so they keep their twinkle long after application. We have a large selection of crystals that can be applied to nails in a range of designs.  We have crystals in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes available that are excellent quality yet affordable.  By far the most popular coloured crystal remains the Crystal AB collection, closely followed by Crystal (plain or silver in colour).
Our nail crystals come in a wide variety of sizes to suit most shapes of nails. Size range includes SS3, SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10 and SS12. You will find all these sizes in our popular mixed sized crystal jars.

How to apply our nail crystals

How to apply our Nail Crystals with gel

Complete your base colour or nail design and apply crystals before applying the final top coat of clear gel.

1) Apply a thin wet layer of gel to the area of nail you wish to apply the crystals. Do not cure.

2) Arrange the crystals on the nail as desired.

3) Cure for manufacturers specified time.

4) Take a thin nail art brush and carefully go round the edge of each crystal with a small amount of clear gel so that the gel holds each crystal in place.  Do not go over the crystals as this will dull the sparkle.

5) Now take your normal gel brush and coat the rest of the nail with the clear gel, so that the gel from round the crystals blends into it and has a smooth flat apprearance.

6) Cure.

7) Wipe the inhibition layer away and check each crystal has been applied securely. 


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