Nail Foils

Nail Foils

Full coverage nail foils in a variety of designs and patterns.

These transfer nail foils are super easy to work with and can create striking designs quickly.

How to apply nail foils:

1) Create the base structure of the nail as you would normally.

2) Apply 'Nail Foil Transfer Gel' currently not sold at The Unicorn's Den, but there is plenty of other companies that offer this if you don't already own one. Make sure this covers the whole nail but without flooding the product into cuticles and sidewalls.

3) After your ' Nail Foil Transfer Gel' has cured, cut out the nail foil design section you wish to apply to the nail.

4) Gently press the nail foil onto the nail, trying not to crease the design. Then rub with a rubber nail tool or finger until the design is transferred fully onto the nail, ensuring you . If you miss a bit you can carefully press back on until the design fully transfers.

5) When you're happy with your design coat the nail with a clear top coat of gel or acrylic to seal in the design.  For thinner gels, you may wish to apply 2 coats to seal in the nail foil design.

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