Water Decals

How to apply water decals to nails

1) Apply base colour (polish, gel or acrylic) - if using gel leave the sticky inhibition layer in place after curing.  If using acrylic you may wish to apply a clear coat of gel to increase adhesion. 

2) Cut out the water decal of your choice and remove the clear plastic backing.

3) Place the cut out water decal in water for 20 seconds.

4) Remove the water decal from the water and place on kitchen towel to remove excess water.

5) Gently slide the image from the backing paper and gently apply to nails.  You may wish to use tweezers or a wooden cocktail stick to place it on the nail.

6) Press the design down until it sits smoothly on the nail. You can use an application brush or your fingertip.

7) Give the design a few minutes to fully dry.

8) Finish with a clear coat or two of polish, gel or acrylic to seal in the design.


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