How to Apply Our Nail Glitter

How To Apply Our Nail Glitter


How to use our nail glitter with gel

Mixing nail glitter into clear gel -

Take an empty gel pot or other suitable container and mix the clear gel and the glitter together using a gel stirrer or orange stick. 

The more glitter you add to the mixture, the more coverage you will get. The consistency should not be too thick or the mixture will not spread well on the nail and will give a lumpy finish. 

Apply a base coat of gel and cure.

Apply one or two coats of the glitter mix as desired and finish with a clear coat to protect.

You may need to refine the finished nail with a block buffer if the nail is rough in places, and then apply another clear top coat of gel and cure.  

Applying nail glitter to the tacky layer of gel (also known as burnishing)

Apply a colour or clear gel following manufacturers instructions.

When the last layer of gel is cured, take a dry brush and dip into the glitter and brush it onto the sticky layer of gel. (You can choose to cover the full nail of just add a bit of glitter in places).

Smooth down the glitter with a gentle pressure as too much pressure will move the glitter and cause gaps. If this happens apply a little bit more glitter onto the gap.

Seal in the glitter with a clear gel and cure. You may wish to add another layer of glitter. 

Ensure you do not get glitter in your clear gel by wiping your brush clean before reloading it with more gel.

To get a chrome look, use one of our metallic nail glitters in fine or extra fine.

If you are using gel polish you may wish to add a couple of coats of clear gel to seal in the glitter, as gel polish is thinner than regular gel.  

Applying nail glitter onto wet gel (also known as sugaring)

Apply coloured gel if required, according to manufacturers instructions.

Apply a clear layer of gel - DO NOT CURE.

Put a sheet of paper under the nail to catch the excess glitter and sprinkle onto the nail until covered.

Clean up any excess glitter from around the cuticles with a cocktail stick or cuticle knife and the cure.

This method can leave the edges a little sharp so gently file the edges smooth with a file. This method works best with our extra fine nail glitter.  

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How to use our nail glitter with acrylic

Premixing the glitter with acrylic powder

Mix into clear acrylic powder, roughly a ratio of two or three parts of acrylic powder to one part glitter.

You can add more glitter to the mix but the more glitter you add the weaker the acrylic structure will become.

You now have a ready mixed glitter acrylic. Apply as you normally would according to manufacturers instructions.

Dipping the wet bead of acrylic into the glitter

Dip your brush into the liquid monomer and pick up the clear powder as you normally would. Then dip the wet bead of acrylic into the glitter and then apply onto the nail.

This method is a little more tricky and requires more practice to get an even application of glitter.


How to use our nail glitter with nail polish

When you have applied the desired layers of nail polish, wait until the polish is almost dry and then press the glitter into the tacky nail polish. Seal with a clear coat of nail polish.

Alternatively you can mix the glitter into clear polish and apply to the nail.  Seal in with a clear layer of polish. 

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