Top 5 Nail Glitters by Katie Pritchard

My Top 5 Unicorns Den Glitters

If you're a glitter addict like myself and get a little overwhelmed with which colours, cut and shape to choose then this article is a must read for you! Here are my Top 5 glitters from The Unicorns Den...although only picking 5 is a hard enough task in itself!
There are so many cuts, shapes, textures and finish of glitters. How do you know which one to use and how to use it? My Top 5 includes a mixture of super fine, chunky, Holo etc and helps to show how to use it with whichever system you chose whether it be gel polish, builder gel, hard gel or acrylic.
Coming in at number 5 - Surf's Up Super Chunky Glitter.
This beautiful blue iridescent chunky glitter is just like the colour of any tropical oceans. It's a mix of small and large chunky cuts of glitter mixed through with fine glitter. This can be used with any system, but my personal favourite is mixing with clear acrylic and creating an eye catching glitter ombre to a long nail extension. Once capped in clear acrylic and finished with a glossy top coat, the iridescent tones really do shine though like a clear Caribbean sea. 
Number 4 - Cranberry Crush Chunky Glitter
If you are looking for the ultimate show stopping Christmas red glitter then you need this one in your collection! A bold bright red chunky mix with a stunning subtle holo effect of fine glitter running through. This glitter is perfect for burnishing into gel polish or builder gel and capping with a thick top coat, rubber base or clear builder. As well as being perfect for mixing with clear acrylic.
Number 3 - Holo Rose Gold Chunky Glitter
My absolute favourite rose gold glitter as well as our top selling Rose Gold! A gorgeous mix of holographic gold with a subtle pink hue mixed with eye catching chunky holo pieces. It's such an all rounder, perfect for every season of the year!
Coming in as my runner the number 2 spot - Aurora Galaxy Chrome Flakes
Ok so 'technically' not a glitter as such. But it sparkles just as much so I'm including it! Available in tones of purple, pink and  green. These flakes are so versatile, the possibilities are endless. You only need a tiny amount to create beautifully eye catching nails. Pick up tiny amounts to scatter over the nail or apply as a whole chrome nail with an eyeshadow applicator over a no wipe top coat.

And....drumroll please!!! My number 1 Unicorns Den nail glitter is....... Well, it's two because I couldn't choose! 

Angel Wings Tinsel Mix and I Believe Superfine!
Angel Wings is such a popular choice with my clients, and makes a classic French ombre design pop when this glitter is added to the blend. A beautiful white and silver glitter with iridescent tinsel strands. You have to see it to appreciate how stunning it is.
The superfine version of I Believe is so fine it's like soft sand. I love to burnish this over gel manicures, and once you brush that top coat over the pinky purple colour with a holo pop really shine through. It's the perfect summer colour and definitely my most used glitter!

Article by Katie Pritchard

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