Which nail glitter?

Which nail glitters should I choose? 

If you’re just starting out on your nail tech journey the choice of nail glitters can be overwhelming. 

I would recommend techs at the start of their nail career start with fine or extra fine. These are the easiest glitters to apply as they are finely milled and you are more likely to get a good smooth finish on the nails.
When you’ve mastered fine and extra fine then Chunky mixes definitely have a lot to offer. These have medium pieces of glitter that catch the light giving a super sparkly effect. If you prefer to apply by mixing into clear gel then these are best mixed into a thick gel as this makes the application much easier. 

For the more experienced nail technician we have Super Chunky. These are best applied by either sprinkling onto wet gel or by applying a small amount at a time. 

Which colours are the most popular? 

If you’re just starting on your glitter collection you need to make sure you have a good starting point. 

Silver glitter is a good all year round colour. It works well on summer nails, winter nails and even wedding nails. 

Rose gold nail glitter has been extremely popular over the last few years and still remains a very fashionable colour to wear on your nails. Again it works well with bright summer nails and winter nails. 

White iridescent glitters have been very popular. Due to their versatility they can be applied over almost any base colour for a different effect each time. 

You also need to consider reds, pinks and purples. These are the most popular colours for nail glitter. Followed by browns, golds and blacks. Greens, blues and yellows are probably the least popular choices but at some point you will encounter a client that absolutely loves those shades so as your collection grows don’t forget to include a few of those glitters too. It’s hard to please everyone but as your collection grows you will have more choice to work with. 

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