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full glitter collection nail art starter kit

141 Nail Glitters - Our Full Glitter Collection

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All 141 of our nail glitters

Do your clients demand more choice? As a nail technician you’ll be asked what’s new constantly. Keep them coming back with this amazing choice of nail glitters.  
This nail glitter kit includes extra fine to super chunky cuts of glitter, holographic to iridescent glitter effects. Perfect for sparkly nail art. 
Offer your customers a full selection of dazzling colours to choose from for their glitter nail designs. 

A great nail art starter kit for anyone new to nails.
This kit contains every nail glitter in our collection.
141 small jars for £340.40 (normal price for 141 diamond shaped small jars £425.50)
141 large jars for £509.00 (normal price £636.25)
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Glitters in this collection:

Satin Silver - Extra Fine - 3g/7g
Satin Gold - Extra Fine - 3g/7g
Santa's Lil Helper - Tinsel Mix - 3g/7g
Santa's Lil' Helper - Fine - 3g/7g
Rockin' Robin - Tinsel Mix - 3g/7g
Rockin' Robin - Fine - 3g/7g
Prosecco Poppin' - Tinsel Mix - 3g/7g
Prosecco Poppin' - Fine - 3g/7g
Pink Ice - Tinsel Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Pink Ice - Fine - 2.5g/5.5g
Ice Maiden - Tinsel Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Ice Maiden - Fine - 2.5g/5.5g
Angel Wings - Tinsel Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Angel Wings - Fine - 2.5g/5.5g
Trick - Shape Mix - 3g/7g
Treat - Shape Mix - 3g/7g
Phantom - Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Voodoo - Super Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Black Magic - Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Toffee Apple - Extra Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Venus - Super Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Lil' Green Men - Super Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Stargazer - Super Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Solar - Super Chunky Mix - 3g/7g
Surf's Up - Super Chunky Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Sea Spray - Super Chunky Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Tropical Storm - Super Chunky Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Popsicle - Super Chunky Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Beach Bum - Super Chunky Mix - 2.5g/5.5g
Peacocking - Large Mix 3g/7g
Parisa Pink - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Fantasia - Extra Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Folklore - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Pink Elephants - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Shepherds Delight - Fine 3g/7g
Shepherds Delight - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Elfin’ Around - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Elfin’ Around - Fine 3g/7g
Thundercloud - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Thundercloud - Fine  3g/7g
Snowstorm - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Snowstorm - Fine 3g/7g
Wonderland - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Wonderland - Fine 3g/7g
Frosty - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Frosty - Fine 3g/7g
Razzle - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Razzle - Fine 3g/7g
Dare - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Truth - Large Mix 3g/7g
Shamrocked - Fine  3g/7g
Plum Fairy - Large  3g/7g
Plum Fairy - Fine 3g/7g
Red Velvet - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Red Velvet - Fine 3g/7g
Cranberry Crush - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Cranberry Crush - Large 3g/7g
Cranberry Crush - Fine 3g/7g
Ruby Shoes - Large Mix 3g/7g
Ruby Shoes - Large 3g/7g
Ruby Shoes - Fine 3g/7g
Holo Copper - Fine 3g/7g
Holo Copper - Large 3g/7g
Holo Copper - Chunky 3g/7g
Lost Ocean - Fine 3g/7g
Lost Ocean - Large  3g/7g
Mulled Wine - Large Mix 3g/7g
Golden Nugget - Fine 3g/7g
Golden Nugget - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Space Babe - Large 3g/7g
Space Babe - Fine 3g/7g
Silver Lining - Chunky 3g/7g
Silver Lining - Fine 3g/7g
Silver Lining- Extra Fine 3g/7g
Pharaoh - Fine 3g/7g
Pharaoh - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Mermaids Tail - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Mermaids Tail - Fine 3g/7g
Holo Rose Gold - Fine 3g/7g
Holo Rose Gold - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Berry Christmas - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Eden - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Confetti - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Blue Lagoon - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Blue Lagoon - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Rainbow Mist - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Enchanted Rose - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Enchanted Rose - Fine 3g/7g
Sunset Beach - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Flamingo Bay - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Diamond Mine - Fine 3g/7g
Pieces of Eight - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Pieces of Eight - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Super Holo Silver - Extra Chunky Mix 3g/7g
I Believe- Large 3g/7g
I Believe - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Under The Sea - Large 3g/7g
Under The Sea - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Atlantis - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Genie Smoke - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Genie Smoke - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Pinkie Pie - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Magic Carpet - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Fairy Wings - Fine 3g/7g
Deadly Nightshade - Fine 3g/7g
Ice Queen - Fine 3g/7g
Parisa Pink - Fine 3g/7g
Unicorn Sprinkles - Holo Mix - Fine 3g/7g
Unicorn Sprinkles - Iridescent Mix - Fine 3g/7g
Cinderella - Fine 3g/7g
Wistful Lilac - Fine 3g/7g
Lime Leprechaun - Fine 3g/7g
Antique Pink - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Diamond Blush - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Glowing Embers - Fine 3g/7g
Bronzed Goddess - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Bronzed Goddess - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Moonbeam - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Moonbeam - Fine 3g/7g
Fuchsia Falls - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Fuchsia Falls - Extra Fine 3g/7g
Raspberry Fizz - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Atlantis - Large 3g/7g
Icy Skies - Chunky Mix  3g/7g
Champagne Sparkle - Fine 3g/7g
Purple Potion - Fine 3g/7g
Midnight - Fine 3g/7g
She Devil - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Arabian Princess - Fine 3g/7g
Voodoo - Large Mix 3g/7g
Jackpot - Extra Fine  3g/7g
Jackpot - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Teddy Bears Picnic - Fine 3g/7g
Triton - Fine 3g/7g
My Pet Dragon - Fine 3g/7g
Folklore - Fine 3g/7g
Heart of Gold - Fine 3g/7g
Twinkle Twinkle - Chunky Mix 3g/7g
Pink Elephants - Fine 3g/7g
Black Magic - Fine 3g/7g
Aztec Gold - Fine 3g/7g