Beautiful Chrome Flakes For Your Nails

Want to create a dazzling look for your nails this winter? Love having nails that out-sparkle everybody else’s?

Extremely easy to apply, our chrome flakes can be used to create all sorts of sensational effects.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your nails with a mosaic of reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day or with greens and golds to celebrate the beginning of spring, The Unicorn’s Den has an exciting array of nail art products to choose from. 

Otherwise known as nail flakes, chrome flakes are easily applied on top of your topcoat using an eyeshadow applicator. You can also apply individual flakes on top of the sticky layer, arranging them in a pattern or mixing them in the clear gel for a captivating 3D effect.

Among this collection is our holographic Aurora Galaxy Chrome Flakes, which needs only smidgen to create all sorts of stunning looks.

Available with pink, green or purple hues, these chrome flakes can be used with acrylic or gel nail varnish. You can check out pictures on our website to see the kinds of looks that can be achieved.

We also have a wide selection of chrome powders, glitter crystals and nail art kits. In short, everything needed to transform your nails!

For more information, explore our collection of chrome flakes for nails.