Explore Our Collection Of Nail Art Materials

Suffering from the post-Christmas and January blues?

Why not bring some magic to your nails with our awesome art materials. Decorating our nails is one of the easiest ways to give our spirits a lift. Luckily, The Unicorn’s Den has some of the most exciting nail art materials to order online.

Among our range, you’ll find everything from nail art kits and crystals to accessories and tools. Whether you’ve seen a look you love on Pinterest or Instagram, or you want to design your own looks, our nail art materials help you get creative.

People have been decorating their nails throughout history, with women in Ancient Egypt dying their nails red using henna to indicate social status and seductiveness. During the Zhou Dynasty, 600 B.C., members of the royal families would use gold and silver dust on their nails to show their social status. In other words, people have loved using nail art for a long time!

The Unicorn’s Den has a dazzling array of glittery products to bring irresistible bling to your nails. This includes our Magic Carpet Nail Art Glitter which is a beautiful mixture of purple with holographic reds, silvers and pinks.

All our products are highly affordable and easy to order online.