Explore Our Exciting Nail Art Supplies

Why have dull nails when they could sparkle with glittery or crystal designs? Decorating your nails is one of the easiest ways to jazz up any outfit.

The Unicorn’s Den has a massive selection of nail art supplies to choose from including glitter, crystals, accessories and tools. This includes glitter in a wide range of densities, including finely milled, chunky or fine, so you can create all sorts of arty nails.

There’s no shortage of inspiration for nail art nowadays.

You can find ideas everywhere from Instagram and Pinterest to women’s magazines. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching designs or beautiful everyday looks, The Unicorn’s Den can help you do it.

Among our best selling products is our Mermaid Fine Nail Glitter, a white iridescent nail glitter that appears white, shines green and gold in the jar, but brushed on is a magical lilac-pink opal tones. Much like a mermaid’s tail!

Our newest arrivals include these Unicorn Chrome Flakes which are ideal for decorating fake nails to the highest standards. Whether you’re planning a manicure or pedicure, our products can be used for all sorts of projects. Our nail art supplies enable you to decorate, enhance or embellish existing designs.

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