High-Quality Nail Art Starter Kits

Are you new to nail art and looking for the best starter kits?

There are various nail art trends emerging all the time, with many people getting inspiration from manicure-obsessed celebrities like Katy Perry. You can also find all sorts of instructional videos on YouTube. For anybody new to nail art, you won’t be short of inspiration.

Decorating your nails is one of the easiest ways to add pizazz to any outfit. Whether you’re heading to an Easter event or summer party, The Unicorn’s Den can help you add magical glitter to your digits.

The Unicorn’s Den has a beautiful collection of nail products to choose from, along with instructions on how to jazz up your nails.

Our collection includes our highly affordable Baby Unicorn Nail Art Starter Kit for which is only £29.50. This kit includes five of our most popular glitters, one jar of chrome flakes, raindrop glitter and a gel stirrer. The glitters come in a variety of textures ranging from extra fine to chunky mixes.

We offer free shipping on all orders over £40.00 anywhere in the UK.

If you’re searching for starter kits, why not explore our collections today?