How To Create Opal Effect Nails Using Chrome Unicorn Flakes

How to create Opal Marble Nails

created by Amber Porter - click here for her instagram account

1: Start with a creamy white gel and cure .
2: Apply base and don’t cure. Stick unicorn flakes into the uncured base coat and rearrange for desired look. .
3: Use a matte top coat cure, then use marble ink in white and disperse.
4: apply non wipe top coat!


How to create opal effect nails with gel.

Create beautiful iridescent opal nails using Chrome Unicorn Flakes.

  1. After preparing the nail apply your base gel and cure.
  2. Apply a pale gel colour of your choice and cure.
  3. Mix a small amount of your chosen unicorn flakes (or a few different colours of unicorn flakes for maximum effect) into clear gel and apply over the nail. Before you cure this layer you can add unicorn chrome flakes on top of the wet gel if you require more shine. Cure.
  4. Now, mix a little bit of white and clear gel together to give a semi opaque look and apply over the nail and cure.
  5. Finish off with a top coat of clear gel and cure. Finished.

You now have a gorgeous eye-catching opal nail design that is super easy to create with our unicorn flakies.