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classic python natural colours, snakeskin foil for nails
lilac rattlesnake snakeskin nail foil
aqua boa snakeskin foil for nails
sapphire python snakeprint nail foil
vibrant python colourful snakeskin nail transfer foil
classic boa constrictor nail transfer foil snakeprint snakeskin
abstract snakeskin transfer nail foil
classic rattlesnake snakeprint nail transfer foil
burmese python nail transfer foil snakeskin snakeprint
monochrome python black and white snakeskin nail transfer foil

‘Charming Snakes’ Nail Foil Collection

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The ‘Charming Snakes’ Nail foil collection

10 stunning snake print nail transfer foils.  

Each foil transfer strip is approximately 4cm by 100cm. You will receive one of each design, supplied folded together in a cellphone bag. 

Designs include:

Classic Python - Beautiful natural Reticulated python markings.

Lilac Rattlesnake - Pixelated Rattlesnake markings with lilac and purple tones. 

Aqua Boa - Boa Constrictor markings with greens and blues.

Sapphire Python - Reticulated Python markings with colourful blues and purples. 

Vibrant Python - African Rock Python markings with vibrant pink, blues and purples. 

Classic Boa - Boa constrictor markings with a beautiful golden yellow. 

Abstract Snake - Neutral tones with abstract snakeskin markings.  

Classic Rattlesnake - Gorgeous grey and brown rattlesnake markings. 

Burmese Python - Natural colourings and markings from a Burmese Python.

Monochrome Python - African Rock Python markings in black and white.