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Harvest Moon Collection - Autumn Nail Glitters
Hocus Pocus - Fine and Chunky Mix nail glitter - a deep purple glitter
Blue Moon - Navy Blue nail glitter in chunky and fine
Bonfire Toffee fine and chunky brown nail glitter
Frogs Legs - green nail glitter in fine and chunky
Stormy Days fine and chunky grey autumn nail glitter

Harvest Moon Collection - Autumn Nail Glitters

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Harvest Moon - Autumn Nail Glitter Collection

Collection of 10 nail glitters includes:

Hocus Pocus - Fine

Hocus Pocus - Chunky Mix

Blue Moon - Fine

Blue Moon - Chunky Mix

Bonfire Toffee - Fine

Bonfire Toffee - Chunky Mix

Frogs Legs - Fine

Frogs Legs - Chunky

Stormy Days - Fine

Stormy Days - Chunky Mix


Available in 3g and 7g jars.