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christmas nail glitter tinsel town collection
large jars tinsel town winter nail glitter collection

Tinsel Town Collection

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Tinsel Town Nail Glitter Collection 

Our 2020 winter nail glitter collection.

Create sparkling Christmas nail designs with our winter nail glitter collection 'Tinsel Town'.  It contains 6 different colours, 6 tinsel mixes, 5 fine and a large mix.  

Ice Maiden - Fine 2.5g/5.5g

Ice Maiden - Tinsel Mix 2.5g/5.5g

Angel Wings - Fine 2.5g/5.5g

Angel Wings - Tinsel Mix 2.5g/5.5g

Pink Ice - Fine 2.5g/5.5g

Pink Ice - Tinsel Mix 2.5g/5.5g

Prosecco Poppin' - Fine 3g/7g

Prosecco Poppin' - Tinsel Mix 3g/7g

Santa's Lil' Helper - Fine 3g/7g

Santa's Lil' Helper - Tinsel Mix 3g/7g

Available in large jars (5.5g/7g) or small (2.5g/3g) jars.